Unified Consumer Identity Orchestration

Reduce cost, risk, and friction regardless of the identity provider

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Threat Guard

Remove Risk, period.

Next Identity Threat Guard creates a world-class security layer to protect your customers at every stage.

New Device detection
Impossible Travel detection
Fraudulent transaction score
Integrations with Akamai Edge and IP Quality Score
Full bot management  
Holistic product integration
Tuned Web Application Firewall
Rule based restriction such as geolocation
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Lifecycle Management

Frictionless application lifecycle from onboarding to offboarding

Next Identity helps make these processes frictionless so that you can scale your service regardless of how complex the landscape gets

Create a profile for a new app and add all relevant details
Manage users and have complete control over the roles and permissions for each type of user
Bring your own identity provider or use our simple login box and we'll provide the orchestration
Asset Inventory

Data Governance - Source of Truth

Effectively and efficiently maintain your application data as well as share data to your stakeholders, end-users, and Application Owners.


See and search through your entire inventory of applications, even offboarded apps.

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Hierarchy categorization to fit your structure

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Allows app teams to self-service adding/updating

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Manage key contacts and focal points

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Filter and Search

Enable analysis of Apps across the entire landscape. Search configuration, status, or information related to all properties.

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Maintain Audit History

Next Identity is your historical onboarding/offboarding log to keep necessary information for a configurable amount of time.

Developer Friendly Terminal
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A Seamless Extension of your Service

Next Identity allows you to brand and customize the experience so that the portal is a seamless extension of your service name and scheme.

Zero Trust

Create your custom look and feel

If you have a service logo as well as a specific look and feel, you can add those elements to your portal for all apps to interact with.

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    Upload company and service logo

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    Create light and dark mode themes

Translation dashboard for localization of CIAM platforms


Use our out-of-the-box 30+ supported languages or completely customize the translations using a hierarchy. This allows you to have a base set of translations, then allow individual apps to customize here and there where needed.

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    Fully customizable content

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    Inheritance to keep translation management simple

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    Easy to use dashboard to have complete control

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    Environment structures for change management

30+ Languages Out of the Box

We've used the best localization services to offer the best user experience that isn't just translated, it is localized with the right tone and language native to that region.

Robust Hierarchy

Translations gives you control at every layer with Inheritance and environment change management so that you can push translations through all approval stages.


Highly configurable user journey to meet your requirements

Next Identity Journey delivers hosted pre-registration, registration, login, forgot password, profile, and other common customer use cases with easy Open ID Connect (OIDC) integration patterns. Deploy fast, save money, follow industry standards and best practices, achieve security and privacy requirements, and stay on the cutting edge across your global customer identity landscape.

Brand styling and fully accessible

Journeys is a highly configuration OpenId Connect hosted login application that allows each brand to style as they need while maintaining full WCAG accessibility requirements.

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Centralized profile management across all apps

Universal Account allows your consumers to manage their preferences such as security settings, devices, languages, and personal details.

Universal account page
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Easily connect the tools you use every day

We integrate with the best-in-class providers with the ability to build more. Or build your own custom integrations.

Identity Providers

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Authentication and authorization
Any provider that supports OpenId Connect

Email and SMS

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Send transactional messages


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Primary providers like Google, Facebook, and Apple

Identity Verification

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Risk score, fraud detection and verification

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