We build software based on our ongoing Experience

Next Identity was built as a result of working with the world's biggest brands through our Identity Managed Services organization - Next Reason. We saw global, multi-branded companies trying to solve the same problems, but working in silos. So, we put that collective information together to form the core functionality.

Next Identity background

Holistic services that put you and your customers first

What Sets Next Identity Apart

We believe in enabling the service administrator.

While we have a suite of tools to orchestrate user authentication and authorization, we focus on enabling someone within your business to run a complex identity service through the use of our console.
Frictionless application onboarding
Application audit asset inventory
Annual recertification process and offboarding

We're dedicated to Enterprise CIAM which means we're robust, flexible, and secure

Customer Identity is all we do. Everything from our self-registration and invite only workflows, to support for both email and mobile flows gives you the flexibility you need to deploy into your global markets. You can use our built-in email and sms providers, or plug in the approved tools you already have.
High Integrity, Confidentiality, and Availability. We maintain 99.99% SLA and are available globally
Granular rate limiting to allot usage buckets to apps and prevent internal noisy neighbor effects.
Microservice architecture allows us to have consistent weekly releases and transparent change management process

Universal Account allows your customers to manage their account from a centralized, configurable experience

Think Google MyAccount - this can be tied to all apps, or a subset of apps and themed accordingly. It creates synergy between your app ecosystem by letting your customer be in control of their app access.
Mobile friendly and accessible hosted experience that you control
Federation from UA to any of their connected apps
Simply integration allows developers to plugin directly from their app

Our flexible and robust Translation service

Our flexible and robust Translation service allows you to completely customize at the global, environment, property, or app level.
Hierarchy for moving translations through your change management process
Lightning fast load time from the edge
Support for 30+ languages out of the box

Plug in any of our identity services to get a jumpstart on your platform

Other software providers limit their services and building a team quickly can be challenging. Next Identity is part of the Next Reason organization and so we provide our customers with a full suite of managed identity services.
Fully integrated ITIL certified support
Dedicated identity teams
Full managed services

Try Next Identity today for massive cost savings with your identity service.

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